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How do I find the most qualified agent to handle short sales in my area?

How Do I Find a Short Sale Specialists In My Area?

We say it all the time in this industry -- only do a short sale with a short-sale specialist. Otherwise, you'll probably dig up much more trouble than it's worth. Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, how do you find a real estate agent that specializes in short sales?

The first step should be an online search. Grab your favorite search engine and look for "short sale agents" with your local market. This should point you to some directories or listings of agents with experience in your market. You can also go the roundabout way -- look for recent short sales within your criteria (price, location, etc.), then take that information and get the agent that handled the sale.

One of the most important things to look for is CDPE certification. This certifies a specialist in short sales, and you can also look at the CDPE directory at www.cdpe.com.

Once you've found a short list of agents, the next step is to interview them. Ask them what their experience is with short sales, what some recent successful short sales are, and if they have any further education or designations in short sales. If they answer with "No, but..." then strike them off your list. Short sales can be extremely complicated{link to “nightmare” post}, and it's not worth getting involved with an agent who is overwhelmed by the shifting details of a potential short sale.

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