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Hollister Short Sales: Will I Owe Income Tax After A Short Sale?
Hollister CA – This is one of the first questions potential short sale sellers ask us. “I heard of something called “forgiveness of debt income and that it is taxable. How does that work?” they ask.

The following article is my personal opinion only. I recommend that you consult with a competent legal or tax professional before moving forward with a short sale.

In most cases the answer is that a short sale will usually not cause you to owe income tax.

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It used to be that you owed income tax on any forgiveness of debt.

When a lender decides to forgive all or a portion of a borrower's debt, the forgiven amount is considered as income for the borrower and is liable to be taxed.

Here are the following ways you can qualify to short sale a property without any tax liability.

Short Sale of a Primary Residence. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (and it’s extension in the 2008 Federal Bailout) now allows you to short sale a primary residence without any tax liability. However, don’t forget about your state tax laws which is different from federal.

Today when a homeowner short sales a primary residence, they can file a simple form and the forgiven debt is no longer taxable.

The amount of forgiven mortgage debt allowed to be excluded from income tax is limited to $2 million per year.

Short Sale of a Non-Primary Residence: If the property you are selling is not a primary residence, then you may be eligible for tax relief if you are considered insolvent.

I don’t know the exact guidelines, but insolvent is usually considered when your total gross debts are more than your total gross assets. I’m sure a good tax professional can give you more information.

Click here to view the IRS’s website about the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation.

Click here to view the article on the IRS’s Website: Mortgage Workouts Now Tax-Free for Many Homeowners.

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Thanks for reading this, Israel Gonzalez.

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This is not intended as legal, technical, or tax advice. Please speak with a licensed professional before making any decision. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed as of the date of writing. The views expressed here are Israel Gonzalez's personal views and do not reflect the views of Beale Properties.

This information on Hollister Short Sales: Will I Owe Income Tax After A Short Sale? is provided as a courtesy to our viewers to help them make informed decisions.
Posted: Thursday, March 31, 2011 12:45 PM by Israel and Rachel Gonzalez


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